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Here are some FAQ’s about Mexican auto insurance needed when traveling to Mexico with your  vehicle, as well as the most common doubts of our clients. We also include  some information on  Mexican law for drivers as well as the procedures for crossing the border.

Enjoy every minute of your vacation! It is important to know precisely everything you must take with you when you go into Mexico with your American of Canadian auto.  

Remember you can also call our toll free number 888-734-8760, or send us a message or call your Mexican insurance company if you have an auto accident.

For more detailed information about traveling to México and Mexican auto insurance, please visit our INFO page



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Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your insurance policy by doing one of the following:BEFORE THE POLICY BEGINS• You may cancel your policy directly on our website by signing in to My Account or request the cancellation ... Read more

Privacy and Security Policy

PRIVACY Bestmex is part of MXGA, Inc., (hereafter BESTMEX), located in 5605 N. MacArthur Blvd, FL 10th, Irving, TX 75038 USA. We would like to inform you how we are protecting your privacy and security ... Read more

Sales Conditions for Mexican car insurance

I agree to the following when I click the 'Continue' button: All claims must be reported to your Mexican insurance company and initially evaluated before you leave Mexico. I understand, agree and warr... Read more

How can I where to obtain a Temporary Import Vehicle Permit from Banjercito?

If you are planning to travel to Mexico beyond the 'Border Zone' (The border zone is considered 13 miles to the south into Mexico, including the states of Baja California, Quintana Roo, and some area... Read more

Why do I need a Mexican auto insurance policy?

Why do I need a Mexican auto insurance policy every time I travel to Mexico by car?  Mexican Federal law states that auto insurance coverage within the Republic of Mexico must be issued by a Mexican i... Read more

What should I do before traveling to Mexico?

What is a must on the check list before I go?Purchase your Mexican auto insurance policy here• Take with you your photos ID’s.• Take your vehicle registration.• Fill up the gas tank.• Check the tires.... Read more

What should I know about a Mexican car insurance policy?

What is liability only? Liability only is the legal minimum coverage required to cover your civil responsibility in case of an accident. Liability coverage includes indemnity for property damage and ... Read more

Important tips to consider for your Mexican car insurance

How much liability insurance I need in my trip to Mexico? The liability limits required in Mexico may differ by state. Also, some states may allow the judge to set the damages in a case, depending on... Read more

What do I do in case of an incident?

What if I lose my policy? No problem, if you entered your email address and a password into the system you will be able to login at any time and have access to "My Account" where you can ... Read more

Is a safe company for my Mexican car insurance

Is my credit card information secure in your site? Yes, absolutely! The site provides SSL security - all transactions on the site are secure. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is the ... Read more

What auto insurace companies are available in Mexico?

At we offer you reliable Mexican car insurance companies that provide Mexican Auto Insurance ( policies to cross the border into Mexico) We offer American insurance companies as well, if y... Read more

Mapfre Mexican car insurance

Claims in Mexico: IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT CALL THE FOLLOWING MEXICAN TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND SPECIFY THAT IT IS A TOURIST POLICYMAPFRE: (800)026-6358 or (800)026-6551 or (55)5950-2108The phone numbers ab... Read more

Qualitas Mexican Auto Insurance

Claims in Mexico:IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT CALL THE FOLLOWING MEXICAN TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND SPECIFY THAT IT IS A TOURIST POLICYQUALITAS: (800)062-4471 or (800)004-9600 or (55)5258-2880(800)800-2880 or (8... Read more

Why for your Mexican car insurance

In we represent the best Mexican Insurance companies which have excellent or superior ratings that Standards & Poor’s© and A.M Best Company© have assigned to them or their parent compa... Read more

How can I obtain roadside assistance in Mexico

Roadside Assistance: If your auto become disabled on the road, call the Emergency Service Line, a service vehicle will be dispatched from an authorized local garage to help you. Benefits of this cover... Read more

What rules should I consider when driving in Mexico

Rules of the road: Traffic violation laws vary from state to state. Read the following general rules when driving your car in Mexico: • Yellow lights are a signal to stop, not just to slow down. • In ... Read more

Sample Mexican car insurance policy

  For more information visit our article: Sample Mexican Car Insurance Policy. Read more

How does the third party liability work in Mexico?

Third Party Liability: BI/PD (Bodily Injury/Property Damage) –CSL (Combined Single Limit): Coverage for all sums in which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay to third parties (not vehicle's o... Read more

Tips on traveling to Mexico by car

• Make sure your registration and driver's license are valid. Your vehicle can be impounded if you don't carry them. • Purchase  Mexican auto insurance. • Make two copies of your Mexican insurance p... Read more

Tips for Traveling to Mexico

TRAVELING TO MEXICO Crossing the border between United States/Canada and Mexico, requires basic and relevant information that needs to be considered when you travel by car. offers the mai... Read more

Is hard to obtain a Mexican car insurance policy? as part of MXGA Inc., is the most reliable and friendly website to buy your Mexican auto insurance to cross the border. BBB (Better Business Bureau) and more than 20 years of experience in... Read more

Affordable Price for Mexican Car Insurance

BestMex as part of MXGA Inc., a company with more than 28 years of experience, and a strong negotiating power with the most important insurance companies in Mexico, is able to offer our customers the ... Read more

What does a Mexican Car insurance cover

Collision, Roll Over/Turn Over and Glass: The company pays for loss to the insured car, for all damages in excess of a deductible amount caused by: collision, overturning and glass. Towing expenses ar... Read more

Are there military checkpoints in Mexico?

Military checkpoints are set up along certain roads and highways. As you approach the checkpoint you will see several young men dressed in army green uniforms with guns. Some tourists do get nervous a... Read more

What should I know before crossing the border?

Before you cross the border, be aware of the signs telling you where the declaration lanes are if you need to declare anything to the Mexican customs officials. If you need a vehicle permit or a touri... Read more

Miscellaneous issues when crossing the border

What if I lose my policy?No problem, if you entered your email address and a password into the system you will be able to login at any time and have access to "My Account" where you can se... Read more

What do the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) do in the highways?

The green angels are mechanics who patrol the Mexican toll roads in green trucks to offer free assistance in case of a breakdown (labor and towing are free, but to replace a part would be at the car o... Read more

GNP (Grupo Nacional Provincial)


HDI Mexican Car Insurance

Claims in Mexico: IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT CALL THE FOLLOWING MEXICAN TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND SPECIFY THAT IT IS A TOURIST POLICYHDI: (800)019-6000 or (477)740-2818The phone numbers above are ONLY to rep... Read more