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Sales Conditions for Mexican car insurance

I agree to the following when I click the 'Continue' button:

All claims must be reported to your Mexican insurance company and initially evaluated before you leave Mexico.

I understand, agree and warrant that I carry Collision and Theft coverage on my US/Canadian policy, and there will NOT be drivers operating the vehicle(s) under 21 years of age, the vehicle(s) have NOT a "Salvaged" title, will NOT be using the vehicle(s) for business, or to drive to and from work, while in Mexico and the vehicle(s) will NOT spend more than 180 (consecutive or non-consecutive) days in Mexico per year.

I understand and agree to the insurance policy of  Mexican auto insurance policy made between you, the insured, and the Mexican Insurance Company. The full 'Mexican Insurance Company Terms & Conditions' can be read and printed by clicking “General Conditions of Mexican Auto Insurance”.

I understand and agree that coverage applies only to the vehicles and towed units that I have listed on the policy and coverage will not exceed the maximum values/limits specified. I understand and agree that I will only be insured between the beginning and ending date and time I have specified during this application process. I agree that I have reviewed the information I entered during the application process, and that I have answered all of the questions and listed all of the vehicle information truthfully.

I understand and agree that this auto insurance policy is issued by a Mexican insurance company pursuant to the laws of Mexico. The policy is a standard policy of insurance approved by the Insurance Commission in the country of Mexico (Comision de Seguros y Fianzas). I understand and agree that the laws of Mexico do not authorize certain types of coverages sometimes found in automobile insurance policies issued in the United States or Canada. I understand and agree that this 'tourist' Mexican auto insurance only provides coverage in Mexico and is subject to the laws of Mexico.

I understand and agree that I must print the insurance policy declarations page. I understand and agree that the policy declarations page will be available to be printed at the time of purchase, and the policy declarations page can also be accessed and printed by logging into my account at this website. I understand and agree that the policy ‘General Conditions of Mexican Auto Insurance’ can also be printed from this website at any time by logging into my account at this website.

I understand and agree that I must report all claims to the Mexican insurance company prior to leaving the country of Mexico. I understand and agree that failure to report the claim while in Mexico could result in the claim being denied.

I understand and agree that this 'tourist' Mexican auto insurance policy does NOT cover Mexican registered vehicles - meaning that this insurance policy does NOT cover vehicles that have Mexican license plates or that have been registered as Mexican registered vehicles. This policy only covers vehicles that are registered in the US, Canada, or country other than Mexico while traveling in Mexico.

Vehicles excluded:

• Cars, Pickups, SUV's, Van's and motorcycles over 20 years old.
• Motorhome and buses over 26 years old..
• Vehicles carrying dangerous cargoes (Type "C").
• Semi-truck tank.
• Semi-truck Piggy backs.
• Vehicles transported on Piggy backs.
• The following makes and models:

Vehicles excluded
Alfa Romeo All
Aston Martin All
Austin Healy All
Avanti li All
Avanti Motor Co All
Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Corvette-V8
Chevrolet Corvette-V8-6 Spd./At
Classic Cars All
De Lorean All
De Tomaso Pantera Grand Touring
Dune Buggies All
Excalibur All
Ferrari All
Ford Mustang Cobra
Hummer All
Jaguar All
Jensen Healy All
Lamborghini All
Lotus All
Maserati All
Mazda Rx-7
Mazda Rx-7-Rotary Turbo
Mazda Rx-8
Mazda Rx-9
Mclaren Mclaren (Mustang)
Merkur Merkur
Mg & Mgb All
Nissan 240 Z
Nissan 260 Z
Nissan 280 Z
Nissan 280 Zx
Nissan 300 Zx
Nissan 300 Zx-V6
Nissan 300 Zx-V6-5 Spd./At
Pantera All
Porsche All
Rolls Royce All
Saab 9-3-4 Cyl. Turbo
Saab 9-5-4 Cyl. Turbo
Saab 9000-4 Cyl. Turbo
Shelby American All
Tr Tr-6
Tr Tr-7
Volvo 740
Volvo 760
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