What to do in Case of an Accident


In case of an accident with Mexican Car Insurance

It is very important that you report your accident while you are in México, and at the time it happens. If you wait to return to the US to report your accident, you will probably lose your coverage.

  • We recommend you stay calm and do NOT leave the accident site.
  • Do NOT make personal arrangements or sign agreements, do NOT accept any responsibility with third parties, let the insurance company take charge of the accident.
  • We have service centers that operate 24 hours a day with bilingual service. With your policy on hand, please immediately contact the office of your Mexican insurer.
  • Call the following phone numbers depending on the insurer:

For Insurance claims Quálitas.:

(800) 004-9600 

(55) 5258-2880 

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Insurance claims MAPFRE:

(800) 026-6358

(800) 026-6551 

(55) 5230-7000 Ext 7226

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For Insurance Claims GNP:

(800) 026-5110

(55) 5227-9000 (Option 1, then 1) 

(800) 400-9000 (Option 1, then 1)

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Ask for the Report Number before you finish your call and verify said number with the adjuster. With this number you can follow up on your claim.

Important Announcement
  • Keep your Mexican car insurance policy in your possession at all times.
  • It is your obligation to give notice of your loss to the insurance company; and to the Mexican authorities when the accident occurs in a public place.
  • Obtain your report number and copy of the accident notice from the adjuster and the authorities as appropriate, before returning to the United States, otherwise the insurance company has the right to deny your claim.
  • Repairs for damages will be made in Mexico; Repairs in the US will be made except by common agreement, in writing with the company, after valuing the damages in Mexico.

  • For follow-up and / or clarifications after your claim. Please contact the Tourist Car claim Office in Mexico City:

For Follow-ups with Quálitas insurance:

Calling from the USA:  Tel: 01 (800) 204-8776 Calling from Mexico:  Tel: (800) 2021-4690 and (664) 634-7943 Ext 76942 

For Follow-ups with MAPFRE insurance:

If repaired in Mexico: Tel: (866) 344 4911 If you have been assigned to the USA:  Tel: 01 (800) 871-4690 and 01 (480) 553-6942 Ext 76942

For Follow-ups with GNP Insurance::

Calling from the USA: Tel: 1 (888) 823-4745 Calling from Mexico:  Tel: (800) 026-5110 and (686) 564 7362 

  • Upon your return to the United States, call us with your complaints, comments and suggestions at: 1 (972) 717-4959

Steps to follow in an Accident or Theft with the Adjuster present

  • Preparation of an Accident Notice, which is completed and signed first by the insured and then by the adjuster.
  • Elaboration of the Admission ticket, which describes the damage to the vehicle due to the accident, the insured and the adjuster sign this document and the Original is delivered to the Insured. (Except in the case of Theft, or when the accident involves Damage to Third Parties).
  • The adjuster will take Photographs of the accident and trace the serial number of the insured vehicle. (Except in the case of Theft, or when the accident involves Damage to Third Parties).
  • n case the Insured requires to go to the Transit Office, an adjuster will accompany you.
  • The adjuster will set an appointment for the Valuation of damages in the valuation centers or support workshops.


  • Inform the adjuster about the form and details of the accident, writing a summary on the Accident Notice.
  • The adjuster will inform you if necessary, to go to the Department of Transportation “Transito” and / or Release the vehicle, as the case may be. If the Department of Transportation “Transito” decides that the insured is the one affected (it was not its fault), it may be necessary to carry out a Complaint against the alleged perpetrator,
  • Present the documentation that the adjuster requests, according to the type of accident. (For example, policy, registration, driver’s license, permit for the temporary importation of the vehicle, identification that proves the residence or American citizenship of the insured, etc.)
  • Go to the appointment for the valuation of damages.
  • Select an authorized Agency or Support Company to repair the damage to your vehicle.
  • Payment of the respective Deductible for coverage of Material Damages or Total Theft, as applicable. The adjuster can tell you in which offices you can pay this deductible, and clarify any other doubts you may have about the process of your accident.

Nota – Some of these steps may vary depending on the type of accident.

Last Update: 5 December , 2018