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Military Areas (Checkpoints) in México


Military Check Points in México

If you travel to Mexico by road from the United States after crossing the border and you are driving within Mexican territory, it is very likely that you will find on your journey some military inspection areas that are along certain roads.

These inspection areas are intended to find illegally imported drugs, weapons, and items. The military who are in the inspection areas have the power to stop the vehicles that circulate on the roads and carry out a brief interrogation of the occupants even if they do not have a reason to suspect that an illegal action is being committed. The car in which you travel can be inspected too, they will tell you if they will perform an inspection of the vehicle.

When you are approaching the screening area, you will be able to observe men dressed in military uniforms and carrying weapons, do not be alarmed, make sure to slow down or stop if asked. Cooperation and kindness is the key to a smooth inspection.

In some inspection areas, you may notice a sign to make tourists feel more confident about this process.

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