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Mexican Auto Insurers


Mexican Auto Insurers

In, we offer you the best options of tourist car insurance policies for the crossing between the United States, Canada and Mexico. We work with the best car insurers in Mexico and the United States, as the case may be, which are evaluated and have received a higher rating from Standards & Poor’s© and A.M Best Company©through their headquarters around the world. In México we work with Quálitas, Mapfre, GNP and HDI while in the United States with National Unity and CAIC


Mexican insurers: Seguros Quálitas

Seguros Quálitas

Seguros Quálitas is a Mexican insurance company founded in 1993, which has achieved rapid and solid growth. After 24 years it is one of the leading insurers in the automobile market. Quálitas offers products for vehicles of all types, from automobiles and motorcycles to public service and heavy equipment.

Quálitas insurance carries the quality in its name, since the meaning of Quálitas in Latin means “quality“. For the company, quality is an attitude that governs the entire organization and, thanks to this, they have achieved solid growth in a short term.

Seguros Quálitas is distinguished by its quality of service and personalized attention with which it has established itself as one of the best in the market. Read more …


Mexican insurers: Seguros Mapfre


MAPFRE  is part of a multinational and business group that has 80 years of experience. It is considered an integral, global, reliable and consolidated company.

MAPFRE is globally recognized, named in the “Great Place to Work” as one of the best institutions to work in Mexico and also as one of the most innovative according to Information Week.

MAPFRE is certified as a Socially Responsible Company that is based on the principles of independence, humanism, ethics, respect and solidarity towards each person and in favor of non-profit cultural and scientific dissemination. Read more…


Mexican insurers: Seguros GNP

Seguro Nacional Provincial (GNP)

Seguro Nacional Provincia is the Mexican insurance company with the most experience and solidity in Mexico, having more than 115 years of experience. GNP is part of one of the largest conglomerates in the country, Grupo BAL, which includes large institutions such as El Palacio de Hierro, Profuturo, Mobile Medical, Grupo Peñones, Casa de Bolsa, among others.

Seguro Nacional Provincia has always had as a mission to provide financial protection taking care of the dreams, emotions and experiences of its insureds.

Seguro Nacional Provincia distinguishes itself by its profitable growth, its unparalleled service, by being an avant-garde institution and by having the best people. Read more…

Aseguradoras Mexicanas: Seguros HDI

Seguros HDI

Seguros HDI is part of the Talanx business group, a German company that is considered one of the largest companies in Germany, but it is considered a Mexican company at heart!

Seguros HDI although it is a young company with seven years of experience in the Mexican market, it has 1500 Mexican collaborators working to provide the best service and with more than 600 insured persons.

Seguros HDI has obtained about 30 awards such as: 50 most innovative companies, the best place to work, Super companies, among others. Read more…