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Welcome to Michoacán

Platillo Típico - Tacos de Carnitas

Platillo Típico - Tacos de Carnitas

Lago de Patzcuaro Michoacan

Lago de Patzcuaro

Ciudad de Morelia Michoacán

Ciudad de Morelia

Lago de Cuamécaro Michoacán

Lago de Cuamécaro

The state of Michoacán is a site of great cultural and natural wealth. The cradle of the pre-Hispanic culture Purépecha, it is world-renowned for its gastronomy, the World Heritage by Unesco and for being sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly during the great annual migration from Canada.

The festivities of Holy Week and Noche de Muertos are characteristic signs of this Mexican entity. They are also famous for various handicrafts, such as acoustic guitars in Paracho, copper work in Santa Clara del Cobre, fabrics and masks in Pátzcuaro, and wickerwork in Tzintzuntzan.

Natural sites of great beauty await on the coast and imposing waterfalls and wooded areas around Uruapan such as the National Park of Cupatitzio or the beautiful Lake of Zirahuén.

Morelia, one of the largest colonial treasures in the country and with a rich tradition of typical sweets, pottery and woodwork, deserves special mention. The Cathedral is a reference with the silver stack where José María Morelos was baptized, the majestic Clavijero Palace and the Casa de las Artesanías, among other recommended places.

the Best of Michoacán

Expo Fiesta Michoacán

Expo Fiesta Michoacán

The Expo Fiesta Michoacán, also known as the Gran Fiesta, where its people enjoy their cultural riches, traditions and folklore. The Expo Feria Michoacán known as the Gran Fiesta offers every year the best of its traditions, culture and folklore. Learn more about this...

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Morelia a World Heritage

Morelia a World Heritage

Morelia has a colonial architectural legacy of great value where it seems that time has left no trace to admire its old buildings very well preserved. The city of Morelia was founded in 1541 under the name of Valladolid. After the war of independence the city took the...


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Michoacan Information

Tourist routes in Michoacán for traveling by car:

One of the major attractions of the state is in the east, almost on the border with the State of Mexico, where the Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly is located, a short distance from the city of Zitácuaro and the town of Angangueo in the heart of the protected area.
The northern part of the state offers the largest tourist infrastructure and various towns and cities to visit. With a starting point in the state capital, you can visit surroundings like Quiroga, where leather objects are worked; Tzintzuntzan where is the most important archaeological site of Michoacán; Patzcuaro on the shores of the lake of the same name and was the first capital of the state during the Viceroyalty. You can also take a boat to cross to the island of Janitzio, famous for the celebration of Day of the Dead and the place of an imposing statue of José María Morelos that dominates the horizon.
The Route of Don Vasco, named in honor of the Viceroy Vasco de Quiroga, leads by several towns where this personage carried out an important work of care and rescue of the indigenous customs. The Minera Route is located to the east of the state and its main points to visit are Angangueo, Tlalpujahua and Santa Clara del Cobre.
The coastal area has beautiful natural sites and imposing beaches, although tourist infrastructure is limited. Highlights include Playa Azul and Maruata, which is a sea turtle sanctuary.
Morelia is, of course, the main reference of the state, with a majestic colonial architecture in pink quarry and a historical center that is a World Heritage Site. You can visit different museums, walk to the side of the Aqueduct, wander the streets of the center and even visit the city for some of the many festivals that take place every year, highlighting the Morelia Film Festival.

Main Roads:

Highway 15 connects Mexico City and Toluca with the Michoacan capital, continuing towards Guadalajara towards the northwest of the country. Highway 200 crosses the coast from Mazatlan in Sinaloa to the state of Chiapas, crossing Guerrero and Oaxaca.
Also highlighted is the Highway 14D that connects Morelia with the city of Uruapan, passing through the city of Pátzcuaro. In turn, Highway 37D takes from this last city to the coast to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, one of the main export and import centers in the Mexican Pacific.

Most important cities:

The main cities in the state of Michoacán according to the last census of population in 2010 are:

Morelia with 597,511 inhabitants.
Uruapan with 315,310 inhabitants.
Zamora with 185,102 inhabitants.
Zitácuaro with 175,289 inhabitants.
Lázaro Cárdenas with 174,117 inhabitants.
Apatzingán with 119,010 inhabitants