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Welcome to Aguascalientes

Platillo Tipico - La Chasca en Aguascalientes

Platillo Tipico - La Chasca

Plaza de Aguastaclientes

Plaza de Aguastaclientes

Santuario del Cristo Roto

Aguascalientes is characterized by its sunsets and for being a great producer of guava and milk. Its name comes from the hot springs that the Spaniards found in that area at the time of exploring it many centuries ago. There you will find attractions for cultural tourism, wine tourism, adventure tourism and religious tourism in a space of only 5,618 km², which makes it the third smallest Mexican state.

Its capital is the city of Aguascalientes, founded to be a refuge for the people that traveled that way between the mines of Zacatecas with the City of Mexico. For this reason, the Tres Centurias train station was one of the most important in its time. At present, the San Marcos National Fair is held every year, attracting millions of tourists thanks to its famous Fiesta Brava, the great nightlife, all the live artists and many other activities.

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San Marcos National Fair

San Marcos National Fair

The San Marcos National Fair is recognized as the most important fair in Mexico where multicultural events and attractive shows are enjoyed. The San Marcos National Fair is celebrated every year in the state of Aguascalientes. This fair is one of the most expected...


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Aguascalientes Information

Tourist routes in Aguascalientes for traveling by car:

In the northwest area of ​the state is the Sierra Fría, a protected Natural Area where you can practice outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, and hiking. Nearby is Calvillo, which belongs to the program of the Magic Villages of Mexico, and is a very important producer of guavas.

The state capital has several tourist attractions, including the Barrio de San Marcos, the Railroad Museum of Aguascalientes and the National Museum of Death. From there, drive north to visit the Casa Leal and Hacienda de Letras vineyards, as well as the Cristo Roto Sanctuary, which is located on a small island near the town of San José de Gracia.

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Main roads in the state:

Within the main communication routes in Aguascalientes is highway 70, which crosses much of the state from east to west and leads directly to the capital of San Luis Potosí. The other major routes are Highway 45D and Highway 45, which connect with the city of Zacatecas to the north and to the south with Guadalajara, Jalisco as well as Leon, Guanajuato.

According to the last National Census conducted in 2010, the most populated cities in the state of Aguascalientes are:

  • Aguascalientes, with 960,119 inhabitants
  • Rincón de Romos, with 53,866 inhabitants
  • Calvillo, with 19,742 inhabitants