In Reto al Tepozteco, the ceremony of the vigil and baptism of the Tepozteco is performed, recalling the fusion of pre-hispanic culture with the catholic religion.

The Reto al Tepozteco is the most important celebration for the inhabitants of Tepoztlán to remember through rituals and ceremonies the vigil and the baptism of Tepozteco, rituals with which the fusion of the pre-Hispanic culture to the catholic religion took place. This tradition has been celebrated since the year 1850 and is part of its cultural heritage because it contains its deepest values.

Each year the celebration begins on the night of September 7 with the procession of the Virgin of the Nativity, followed by the vigil of the costumes of the cast that were used in the representation in the civic square. This also has the vigil and the offering in the pyramid of the hill of Tepozteco, which is illuminated during the two nights of the celebration. Do not forget the placement of the seed bow as an important part of the celebration.

This celebration is also known as “Altepeilhuitl” whose meaning is “The Village Party

Reto al Tepozteco

According to the legend, the lords of the nearby towns: Oaxtepex, Yautepec, Cuernavaca and Tlayacapan arrived on September 8 to claim King Tepuztecatl for his acceptance of the conversion of the religion brought by the Spaniards. Enraged they challenged the king at the foot of Mount Tepozteco and tells the legend that it was there that the king calmly convinced them to do the same for the good of all peoples.

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