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Welcome to Morelos

Platillo Típico - Cecina de Yecapixtla

Platillo Típico - Cecina de Yecapixtla

Cuernavaca - La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera

Cuernavaca - La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera

Cerro de Tepoztlán Morelos

Cerro de Tepoztlán

Calles en Cuarnavaca

Calles en Cuarnavaca

The state of Morelos is located south of Mexico City and offers a pleasant climate all year round, beautiful landscapes and a memorable historical journey. Cuernavaca is the main city and capital of the state, also nicknamed “The City of Eternal Spring“.

It is a region with a rich historical tradition dating to the time when the Colony was a place of rest for governors. The pre-Hispanic towns had settlements in this place and they emphasize Xochicalco and Coatetelco. This is perfect place to spend a weekend and rest, besides visiting small towns and even worth a visit to the lake of Tequesquitengo.

the Best of Morelos

Tepoztlán a magical town with good vibes

Tepoztlán a magical town with good vibes

Tepoztlán is a town where its mysticism and good energy can be felt Tepoztlán is a town where everyday life is lived with simplicity. A place where it is possible to forget about stress and immerse yourself in the calm and relaxed rhythm that emerges from this magical...

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Reto al Tepozteco

Reto al Tepozteco

In Reto al Tepozteco, the ceremony of the vigil and baptism of the Tepozteco is performed, recalling the fusion of pre-hispanic culture with the catholic religion. The Reto al Tepozteco is the most important celebration for the inhabitants of Tepoztlán to remember...


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Morelos Information

Tourist routes in Morelos to travel by car:

The state of Morelos offers various tourist routes that are easy to navigate. The National Park of Tepozteco houses the famous and enigmatic pyramid. You can also visit various places of great beauty such as the former Hacienda de Cortes, the former convent of Tepoztlán and the archaeological sites of Xochicalco and Coatetelco.
In the southern part of the state, Cuautla is a perfect place to rest, having a very pleasant climate and different spas with sulfurous waters and some ruins of pre-Hispanic settlements. In Temixco it is possible to visit the hacienda that is among the prefer of Mexican and foreign tourists.
In the east of the state you can take a tour of the hot springs of Atotonilco and try the typical sweets of Zacualpan de Amilpas where a convent is listed as a World Heritage Site.
Cuernavaca is, of course, one of the places allowed for tourism. Its short distance from Mexico City, pleasant weather all year round and beautiful downtown make it a fantastic alternative. It is possible to visit the old house of Maximilian and Carlota called Garden Borda, the Palace of Cortes and the Cathedral.

Main Roads:

The Highway 95 D is the main one of this entity because it connects to Mexico City and continues heading south until Acapulco, passing through Chilpancigo that is the capital of Guerrero. Temixco, Xochitepec and Lake Tequesquitengo can also be reached by this road. When you cross the road 95, you enter the state of Guerrero and you pass through Taxco and Iguala.
Highway 115 D connects with the previous one shortly before reaching Cuernavaca and departs for the towns of Oaxtepec and Cocoyoc, and finally Cuautla.

Most important cities:

The main cities in the state of Morelos according to the latest population census in 2010 are:

Cuernavaca with 365,168 inhabitants.
Jiutepec with 196,953 inhabitants.
Cuautla with 175,207 inhabitants.
Temixco with 108,126 inhabitants.