The Durango City is a colonial treasure of unparalleled beauty.

The Durango City, originally founded as Villa de Durango, had a resurgence with the discovery of precious minerals in the Sierra Madre Oriental in the 18th century, which reached a boom that allowed the construction of temples, palaces, residences, mansions and more , causing the growth of the population. Today, The Durango City is called the land of scorpions, located in the northern part of Mexico and has the largest number of historic monuments.

Walking through the streets of the Durango City gives the impression of being with a colonial treasure.

The Durango City


In the historical center of the Durango City all architectural styles are mixed giving a welcoming atmosphere for all who visit. Its numerous buildings keep stories worth listening to.

The open spaces in the Durango City have been important for the coexistence of its people and visitors.

The Corredor Constitución, the Plaza de Armas and the parks Guadiana and Sahuatoba are the most renowned public places where the environment invites everyone to live outdoors and feel the warmth of its people. Other attractions of great interest in the city are its museums. The museum of popular cultures and the Archaeological Museum show us its cultural roots and history.

Its old historic buildings tell us about the boom that this city reached in the time of mining.


Its beautiful and old buildings with their own architectural style show the wealth and bonanza that the city reached in the mining era. The Cathedral Basilica, the Palace of Zambrano, the one of Escárzaga, the theater Victory and some more are the most renowned.

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