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There are a lot of Car Travel Benefits!

You could think that traveling by plane is the best option, because it’s fastest to get to your destination, nevertheless, opposite of what you imagine, there are a lot of advantages about car traveling.

Traveling by car it’s not just about getting to your landing place, it’s about all the moments that you can enjoy getting to it. If you’re going solo, it’s your ideal chance to meditate and think of all the things that motivates you, listen to your favorite music without anyone complaining or having to tolerate the music tastes of other person during the entire trip. It’s the perfect occasion to admire the landscape.

If you are accompanied by your family, use the time to get to share with your children and listen to their crazy notions, or enjoy a chitchat with your wife or husband. You can bring your pet too!

You could care less about the weather when traveling by car. Rain or shine you can always travel with your own schedule, and you won’t be forced to cancel or delay your trip.

During the road trip, you can make stops to take some photos or to eat in an appealing restaurant; you won’t have to eat the tiny airline snack (if you eat).

Once in your destination, you will be able to move around comfortably and also get to know other states. If you travel by other transportation, this wouldn’t be possible.

Another advantage goes directly to your pocket. The gasoline expense is cheaper than a plane ticket for all of you, plus you wouldn’t need to spend on taxis or rental car.

Traveling by car, allows you to carry everything you need (clothing, sports gear, etc.) plus you can buy souvenirs and you wouldn’t have to pay for extra weight!

Next time you decide to cross the border, think of all the car travel benefits  and also to make the most of your time and money. At first sight it’s difficult to see these advantages but BestMex wants you to fully enjoy your trip and to insure your car in the fastest and economic way.

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