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Buying up Mexico. Affording a home or villa in Mexico strikes many as attractive. The return on investment in Mexico property can be maximized by offering the home as a villa vacation rental in the weeks or months the owner is not using the home, making this a second income bearing property for many who expatriate to Mexico.

The people of Mexico, by and large have grown more receptive to the foreigner purchasing Mexico properties for the purpose of living in Mexico, because it contributes to the growth of the economy. The provision of English as a second language in the cities, make it more comfortable for the foreigner to set up the second income property, or Mexico retirement home. With the influx of Americans and Canadians retiring to Mexico, commonly known brands and business are establishing businesses in Mexico as well to support the growth. Again, this concept increases the economy of Mexico.

Mexico offers a comfortable climate for many to retire in Mexico and live comfortably. Mexico Real Estate provides a home base for the privilege of living in paradise. Whether the Mexico investment drives the buyer to purchase a Mexico City Condo, or a spacious Hacienda Style home in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, or takes them to the beachfront villa of their dreams in Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, or a palatial villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the affordability compared to the originating country is significant for the Mexico Real Estate purchaser.

Where once, many Adventure travelers, might have found themselves camping on the beaches, or in their RV’s travelling the country for months at a time, the attraction of owning a Mexico Villa, Mexico condo or Land in Mexico has become so attractive that it is presumed that thousands flock to Mexico to buy Mexico Real Estate for one reason or another, year after year. Statistics point to over 1 million Americans now living full time in Mexico. This with the added value of the affordable real estate in Mexico, lends to the idea that the consumer can live safely in Mexico.

With the attraction of limitless activities in Mexico, such as World Class Golf, World Class Fishing, State of the Art Tennis Facilities, Luxury Retirement and Investment Communities, the growing Spa trends for preventative health and well being, as well as the culture of the warm and caring people of Mexico welcoming you into their hearts and communities, why wouldn’t you want to consider investing in Mexico’s many real estate options?

Historically, purchasing a home in Mexico, could only be achieved with a full cash offer. This limited affordability limiting your purchase options. In combination with this was the idea that there was no guarantee of the transfer of Title, the document making one legal owner of the property. Financing has become available in the recent years, changing this idea. With many banking institutions making it possible, the lender requires that the Title is free and clear before funding loans and verify transfer of Title to the Fideicomiso. This insures the ownership of the purchaser.

With the Mexican government working in tandem with the banking institutions, finding lending for your Real Estate investment in Mexico has never been easier. Understanding the processes of buying Mexican Real Estate, whether it is beachfront, or in the cities, or a horse ranch on a Pueblo, there are professionals ready to help you make that investment with security and assurances never before possible.

Mexico offers everything you need to buy your dream villa, purchase your second income home, live on that beachfront, with your toes in the sand, the corona in your hand, and the waves playing beautiful music to your ears. Mexico offers you the affordability of the city life, enjoying theater, culture, and activities in abundance. Come to Mexico and find your Dream Home.

You will of course need a vehicle in Mexico to get around, and with that you will need your auto insurance that is also country specific. is your solution to the insurance needs you will have when crossing the border and driving throughout the country legally! Don’t forget to reach out to us for your quote and Mexico car insurance needs!

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