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Lake Chapala: A beautiful little enclave nestled in the mountains of Mexico, there are a number of little towns along the north shore of Mexico’s largest freshwater lake. This is where the majority of Americans living in Mexico call home. Located 45 minutes south of Guadalajara, Lake Chapala is home to roughly 10,000 full-time registered expatriates from the U.S. and Canada and this estimate doubles with the winter months when the “snow birds” migrate to warmer winter climates.
Rich in charm and authentic Spanish-colonial architecture, the streets are cobblestone and the ambiance something out of yesterday, coupled with moderate climates and excellent weather, it makes perfect sense it is a retiree’s dream destination.
The average year-round temperature in Lake Chapala, Mexico is a spring-like 68° F, and boasts a wonderfully supportive expatriate community providing every imaginable amenity to support the retirement community. Here you will find the familiar social world of home, with activities that include dog training to yoga and everything in between.

San Miguel de Allende: Here you will find the most beautiful fairy tale destination in Mexico. The central plaza is the focal point of sunday gossip and catching up on community talk in front of the church with steeples that seem to touch the painted sky. shops throughout highlight local artists and beautiful region artistry in the crafts, such as embroidery and hand painted plates. Lush and bountiful courtyard gardens are reminiscent of yesterday and are known to bloom throughout the year. Bougainvilleas in bright colors of pinks and reds climb walls while wisteria trees grace entryways.
San Miguel, Mexico has very close proximity to the U.S, offers moderate comfortable climates and a very affordable cost of living by comparison to the Unites States. A well established community of expats, there is gold and shopping and excellent dining and entertainment options to keep you busy and enjoying life!

Puerto Vallarta: Best known for the escape destination of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in the height of their great love affair, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico then, wasn’t much more than a small unknown fishing village. This is the magical place where misty tropical mountains wrap around the crescent moon-shaped Banderas Bay, and romance is found in abundance!
Today, used for innumerable film locations since the 1960’s, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico it is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, where cruise ships stop daily, access is made through an international airport, pro-tournament golf courses are common, and for the fashion conscious, designer shopping is available.
Because of the popularity of the gloriously beautiful destination, today there are world-class restaurants and beautiful people from around the world calling this destination home. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s expat community is considerable, offering many activities to keep you busy, from outdoor hiking, climbing, zip lining, biking and ocean sports activities to fine art event as well as charitable events to get involved and volunteer.

Baja California Sur. Most commonly known as “Land’s End”, where earth, sea and sky meet and the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet at the tip of the Baja. Best known as a a nature wonderland, the climate is a dry, sparsely-populated desert terrain blessed with two spectacular coasts: the Pacific to the west and the fertile Sea of Cortez, which separates it from mainland Mexico, to the east.
Three definitive destinations for expats are Todos Santos, Loreto, and La Paz. While Todos Santos, on the Pacific side of the Peninsula, has a reputation as an artists community, Loreto, on the Sea of Cortez, is the gateway to the UNESCO-designated and –protected marine park just offshore. Here the water enthusiast will find world-class kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and whale-watching. La Paz, four hours south of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez, is the capital of Baja California Sur and is reputed to feel much like an older version of Southern California circa 1950’s. The pride of La PAz today is the new Marine Center that was gifted to Mexico by the Jacques Cousteau foundation.

Mazatlan: The shrimp capital of the world and one of Mexico’s oldest and most famous vacation and retirement destinations, Mazatlan, Mexico holds the world-class deep-sea fishing reputation. 16 miles of beaches running north from town, offer a lifestyle that can not be found anywhere else in the world. . Mazatlan has charm offering the perfect balance of a resort beach town with a distinctive Mexican appeal.

Puerto Escondido: Puerto Escondido a small fishing village is best known to surfers. The downtown area is small, focused on the plaza central, and abundantly colorful! While a fishing village at heart, the front beach is pristine, and known to be one of the cleanest seen on any coast. (You can still buy a whole, fresh tuna or dorado from fishermen’s children on the main street if you get there before 10 a.m.) Real estate here is said to be at a premium, so finding property could be a challenge.

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