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It takes a short 15 minute drive from most major hotels in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to one of the many scuba diving centers located here. Although scuba diving may be the main attraction, even the travel time is full of beauty, hosting bright skies, lush greenery, and abundant wildlife. But the real adventure is waiting just below the water. A quick gear fitting and instructional reminder from a worker at one of the centers is all that is left until the mysteries of the sea await.

Cabo San Lucas is known for the beautiful underwater adventures it hosts. Many of the diving centers offer night dives, with rare opportunities to spot notornal creatures out and about. On a day trip, you can explore the Gordo Banks, a deep dive into stunningly blue water. There is a likely chance you’ll even cross paths with some sharks or a school of yellow fish tuna or manta rays. Or you can take a plunge into Chileno Bay, a quieter location. Under the waters you can explore the maze of coral and the hundred of small critters that call it their home. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may spot sea horses or a zebra eel. Regardless of where you choose, the diving offered in this beautiful Mexico location is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re off to a Mexico adventure as a family bonding trip or on a wild Summer vacation getaway, scuba diving is an amazing opportunity to experience the world in a whole new way. However, whether it’s Cabo San Lucas or just across the Mexican Border, you aren’t the only one embarking on a sometimes scary adventure (shark sightings are definitely a crazy memory, but also may set your teeth shaking a little). Your car is taking a risk too.

American and Canadian car insurance policies don’t carry over into the culture rich and beautiful Mexico. Even if it’s a spontaneous three day get away, choosing to not insure your car is not a chance you want to take. Memories of sea horses and ocean blue water pale in comparison to memories of broken down cars, lawsuits, and thousands of dollars spent on repairs. But by insuring your car for the adventure into Mexico and the dozen of experiences throughout your time there, you are making sure that those amazing opportunities are not quickly forgotten or tainted. Making sure that your scuba gear is strapped on tightly and that those sharks don’t swim too closely should be the only worry on your mind as you travel through Mexico; not the risky choice of lacking Mexico car insurance for the journey. Get auto insurance before you go.