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There are two types of vehicle importation: permanent and temporal. The first one refers to those who want to take their car to Mexico -as the word says- permanently. There are different reasons for this; however, the most common is to sell the vehicle in the Aztec country.

If you plan to cross the border into Mexico by car for a short period of time, you must get a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit. This permission is given only by Banjercito.You can get it online or in the CIITEV modules located in the border, with minimum 10 days or maximum 180 days before entering into Mexico

Today with the help of the new Technologies, it’s easy to get this permit online, to do this, you need to enter to the following website:

Once you’re on the website, follow the steps that are indicated, and as an additional recommendation, you should have these following documents with you:

• “Resident alien” or “Green Card” or work VISA.
• Proof or ownership of the vehicle, invoice, registration plates, credit card, under your name.
• International Credit card, under your name.

After that, you’ll need to send copies of these documents to the following e-mail: or you may go directly to the CIITEV modules, with your name and your folio number on it.

Once you get your temporary vehicle import permit, you’ll need to buy a Mexican car insurance, because Mexican authorities require this by law. Remember that your American insurance is not valid on Mexican territory, with few exceptions that allow you to drive few miles after crossing the border into Mexico.

Visit and get a quote with different insurance companies in Mexico. offers you many options with the best price. Insure your car with and travel safely to your destination.