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If you are planning to cross the border into Mexico soon, today’s blog will be very helpful to understand the process of crossing the border, and especially to know the new fast lane called ‘Ready Lane’.

There are three different ways to cross the border. The normal lane, where the waiting times can be much longer than the other lanes, (Read also Apps for crossing the border) The SENTRI lane, which is the fastest lane for those who apply for this card (Americans and/or Mexicans who frequently cross the border), and the “Ready Lane” (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification.

“Ready Lane“ is a new lane agreed by the governments of Mexico and the United States, which has a new radio frequency technology, that is already included in the Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL); the Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC); trusted traveler cards (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry and FAST cards); the new Enhanced Permanent Resident Card (PRC) or new Border Crossing Card (BCC) recently issued.
Before crossing the border, the CBP officers with the help of a special scanner, will recognize the chip included in your documents. This is a radio frequency technology, therefore it’s much more faster to cross the border.

The SENTRI program, is also an option to cross the border quickly, however, this is given only after verifying that an individual is under irrigation for the country, once accredited, they give you a sticker for your car and a SENTRI credential which you should always show to be able to cross the border.

The advantage of Ready Lane is that you can show any of the documents mentioned above, to cross the border; with SENTRI you can only cross the border if you apply and submit the proper documentation, and with the previous approval of the Government..

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