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The minimal obliged auto insurance coverage while driving in Mexico is Civil Liability. This plan assures medical care and physical damage to a third party.


Avoid Mexican insurance agencies that divide limits because they payout less (ex. 40/80/40). This division method lessens the payout of the liability categories such as:


Ÿ  for every person, for individual medical care, and physical damage


Conclusively, this parcel design can sequence to a void in compensation (limited insurance). Ultimately, one complete restriction is more prudent than a Combined Single Limit (CSL).


Few Mexican insurance providers sell cheaper limits nonetheless purchase the minimum coverage of a $100,000 Civil Liability. There are always more insurers with practical quotes.


The basic expense for daily auto insurance in Mexico is roughly $5.00 solely for Civil Liability, $100,000 CSL. Contingent on the American insurer, there are visiting drivers that are compensated for physical damage by their American auto insurer. Before coming to Mexico corroborate with your local auto insurer.


If you’re vacationing more than 20 days or have an undetermined return date, then opt for a 6 or 12 month plan. A, 6 month plan can cost about $150 with premium tax and policy expenditures ($100,000 Civil Liability & no physical damage compensation). A one year policy is about  $200 with premium tax and policy charges.


If you’re in San Diego (closer to the Mexican border) and want more facility consider a 12 month policy, generally it costs up to 25% less than a 6 month plan.


Besides liability coverage almost all Mexican auto coverage plans are coupled with physical damage compensation. Overall, premiums increment regarding Actual Cash Value (ACV) or the used trade-in worth of the car. An auto valued at $15,000 relatively is $275 to cover for 6 months (with $100,000 Civil Liability) and roughly $330 for 12 months.