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Great trips, such as Tijuana, Mexico, require minimal planning for just a 20 mile transit. However, fashion always requires planning, and in Mexico, you can find it on every corner. Fashion in Mexico traditionally began as a mix of native and European styles, featuring bright, naturally colored fibers. In the times of today, it is still filled with vibrant colors and different stylistic elements, but has become much more modern.

For the fashion lover, the perfect trip to Mexico is focused in Mexico City. If planned far enough in advance, you can even end up there during the amazing hustle and bustle of Fashion Week. Fashion Week normally takes place in the city during late Spring, early Summer, and is hosted by Mercedes Benz. It’s nearing on its ten year anniversary and has only gotten better with age. This past year, the venue moved every year, bringing fashion and culture to several different areas of the city. Fashion Week has featured the stunning works of Los Vladimirovich and Pineda Covalin as well as countless other designers. But regardless of the location or designer, one thing is for sure; this week is full of culture, style, and poise.

If you’re not lucky enough to watch the models of Fashion Week in Mexico strut their stuff, however, there are several other ways you can get your fashion week while traveling in Mexico. Try roaming the streets downtown, where you’ll find several looks full of color and pattern walking down the sidewalks. You can even grab a taco or ice slushee from one of the numerous food trucks located in the hub of the city. It’ll look perfect styled into your outfit for the ideal Instagram snapshot.

As always, fashion takes a backseat to safety and preparedness. All adventures are tainted by turmoil; even more so when that turmoil involves pricy fees and repairs. When you pack up your best outfits and wildest shoes for your trip to Mexico, don’t forget to pack up your purchased Mexico auto insurance. American car insurance doesn’t carry across the border, and that cute outfit won’t get you out of an expensive fine if you get into an accident or fender bender. The best way to make sure nothing gets stained, clothes and memories alike, is to purchase Mexican auto insurance before your fashion trip of a lifetime.