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What happens when you walk and see boxes everywhere, dirty clothes, toys and other stuff on the floor; perhaps you act like nothing’s wrong, but you might actually thinking: ¿How can they live like this?

The way you dress, the music you like, the way you move and talk, everything is a reflection of you. The same applies to your car. Keeping your home clean is as important as cleaning your car, not only for your sake, but for others. If you ate a bag of chips and a green tamale with a soft drink, no oneneeds to know, but you.

Reduce visual pollution and show that you care about your personal things, for yours and other people. If you have children, let them grow in an atmosphere of comfort, hygiene and warmth, because sooner or later they’ll end up learning your habits.

It’s not about avoid every activity inside your car, but you can forbid yourself using makeup or eating. The things you accidentally spill on the seats of your car, are not a serious problem as long as you don’t leave remains or stains for days or weeks.

Make a deep clean in your car at least once a month. Whether you do it by yourself or at the car wash, your car will always look neat and clean.

Use a car deodorant, a subtle scent to please people traveling with you, and also it’ll give a touch of freshness needed to create a good atmosphere.

Another tip to remember: That the most important thing when you travel by car, is to it, especially if you cross the US border with Mexico. It is important to remember that if you’re going to make every effort to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your car, you should reinforce your safety as well with an auto insurance, and avoid any risk of loss.

Your safety and the one of your loved ones is the most important and most valuable sign of care and protection. Insure your car with the best Mexican Insurance