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Semana 2 Asegura tu auto

Insure your car

From the very first moment that you started saving money for your car, or that moment when you decided to ask for a vehicle loan, your car has been the center of your attention. All of those visits to the car dealer, the selection of the model, color, type of interiors, and everything that defines your car is a reflection of your hard work and your personal style.

More than just a car, your vehicle becomes an adventurous companion and your favorite way of transportation. You wouldn’t tolerate your girlfriend to spill make up on your brand new car seats, and you could have a heart attack if your children spill their soda.

If you protect the interior and moldings from something as small as a tiny scratch, why not protect it from something bigger? We are all exposed every day of our lives to several risks, and it is important to put yourself, your family, and your car on safety mode.

If you are crossing the border between the United States and Mexico, it is essential that you have an auto insurance before crossing the border, so you can enjoy the relaxing feeling of safety that good coverage brings while you drive in the other country.

If you have a car registered in the United States and you are traveling to Mexico, you require an auto insurance issued by a Mexican insurer; if your car is registered in Mexico and you are traveling to the United States, you require an American auto insurance. National insurance policies are not valid in foreign countries.

There are many options for coverage, but with a little research, you will find a plan that suits your needs, a reliable company, with a convenient coverage to protect your investments.

It might seem unlikely, but if an accident happens, and your car is not insured, the cost of the damage could be prohibitively high and your car would not be covered at all, or the third party. With your auto insurance, the cost will be just the deductible according to your policy.

Itis important at all times to travel with your current driver’s license, car registration , and your insurance policy or policy number. With these documents, you can prove  ownership of the car and that your car is insured. offers you the best auto insurance  to cross the border, with the lowest price! Focus on what really matters and insure your car at!