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Mexico is not known for diversity on the whole, but look a little closer and you will discover the diversity and melded cultures speaks to it’s own “melting pot”.

Over the years, Mexico has been a sort of refuge for innumerable cultures, including Chinese and Japanese influence as well as German and Norwegian influence in some areas.

The misconception is the idea that there is a “real Mexico”. But no such thing exists as it is diverse with cultural influence from state to state and region to region.

While many associate Mexico with beaches and tequila sunsets and pink and lime green umbrella garnished drinks, Mexico is in fact steeped in rich history and monumental events that have impacted the world.

A hub for business manufacturing and textiles, factories blend with ancient ruins and ancient architecture, and agriculture is abundant for world distribution in produce, quickly becoming the new “Salad bowl” of the world.

The capital city, one of the largest cities in the world, is built directly over an entire ancient city. Construction developers are making archaeological discoveries everyday, dating to the Aztecs all under the streets of Mexico City!

Mexico welcomes over twenty million visitors every year, driving, flying and even sailing into the country make it an easily accessible country.

History that includes the Spanish Conquistadors, Indigenous Aztecs and Monumental occurrences that changed the world, lends itself to the newest travel movement, Eco travel (covered in a future blog) and leave the visitor with lasting memories and a history lesson not soon forgotten.

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