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The kids are away at “Grandma Camp” for the weekend. Finals are officially done. You just got a promotion at work. Whatever the reason, Tijuana, Mexico, is the perfect celebration. Just across the border entrance in San Diego, 20 miles away, a whole host of culture and adventure awaits. Tijuana is the 29th largest city in the world and is also a leader in economics and manufacturing in Mexico.

There are several attractions to check out on a weekend excursion. The Tijuana Cultural Center is perfect for those who love all things art. It even has activities for the young (or the young at heart), including an aquarium and botanical garden nestled into the dozens of walls holding exquisite art pieces. The “playas” of Tijuana are another fit for all who visit this gorgeous location. There’s no better way to celebrate than relaxing on the stunning beaches and playing in the waves. The main attraction however is found in the bullfighting. Tijuana has long been a center for this long lasting activity. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can even see one of the huge festivals held at places such as the Monumental Playas de Toros Tijuana.

Tijuana is certainly the perfect place for a spontaneous, celebratory adventure. It’s full of unique activities and won’t break the bank with gas money or expensive air fair.

Getting in a car accident or experiencing auto troubles is a different story. Without Mexican auto insurance, these slight mishaps can cost you thousands of dollars. Having an unplanned getaway, where the only thing waiting is adventure and bravery, is a recipe for memories and laughter, but you should always plan for your car. By purchasing Mexican auto insurance before you go, you make sure that your stay in Tijuana is nothing but spontaneous and full of amazing stories to bring back (expensive car repairs not being one of them).