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Crossing the border into Mexico, and reaching your destination, can be very expensive between food, booths, hotels and souvenirs.

We don’t want gasoline to be a problem anymore! In today’s article we will share some tips that gave “The Consumer Energy Center” to save fuel and be able to spend your budget in the best possible way.

Using proper fuel, either Magna or Premium, is one of the main factors for fuel efficiency of your car. Using the same type of fuel is healthier for your engine, if you are going to change the type, because of price, wait until your tank is empty to load it with the other one. Also, try to load your tank in different stations because sometimes price can vary.

Another very common thing that you’ve certainly done is to accelerate very strong in certain parts of the trip. We know that the roar of your car is like music to your ears, however, this small action can consume a lot of gasoline.
Drive at a moderate speed. If you drive too fast, you’ll get to your destination a little earlier, but you’ve consumed much more fuel and will expose you and your family to accidents or even federal charges.

The AC also consumes gasoline; one option is to bring a small cooler where you can keep refreshing drinks, otherwise you can open the windows but preferably during the day.

If you carry a lot of luggage on the roof of your car, you are consuming more gasoline because of the air resistance. It’s better to bring your luggage inside the car.

It’s common to leave the car in “neutral” mode; however, if you do this for long periods, it will consume gasoline. It’s best to turn off the entire engine and then start it when you want to move.

Remember, before crossing the border into Mexico; insure your car with the best Mexican auto insurance,