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In this blog we will share the experience of driving from Brownsville, (United States), to Matamoros, (Mexico), by car.

Our first step: We bought our Mexican car insurance with to travel with a peaceful mind by knowing that our car is protected in case of any situation and of course, our pocket too.

We started on the INTT Veterans Bridge direction, we continued straight and found several signs indicating the following directions:
1)Historic Downtown Brownsville (Next 2 exits)
2)INTT Veterans Bridge
3)Intl Bridge Mexico.

There, we saw a brown roof top with the border crossing stations. As planned, we checked the wait crossing times before crossing the border, through the APP “Best time to cross the border” in our cell phone.

From the stationone officer approached to review our documents, afterwards, we continued straight ahead until we found a sign that says Aduana Matamoros (Mexican customs). Then we had to follow the sign through the light vehicles lane; there, we saw a big sign that says Welcome to Mexico and right below this, the different crossing lanes driveways. We drove through of them and waited for the automatic bar to open, right afterwards on the right side, the checkpoint, where officers might or might not inspect your car for safety reasons.

We continued straight forward until we saw a sign indicating Cd. Victoria Valle Hermoso, Reynosa and Monterrey direction. We followed the direction to Cd. Victoria Reynosa, then to Plan de Ayutla, and then followed directions to Naffarrete that is on the right side. After a few feet, we turned right where we saw an HSBC bank. We continued straight ahead until a big sign of AutoZone, parts and accessories for cars appears.

We continued straight ahead and followed Agapito Gonzalez direction, for a good stretch until another sign that says Cd. Victoria, Aeropuerto, Puente Internacional, México Zaragoza. Before passing that sign, we turn left and continue in that direction;, we crossed a big gas station and finally we arrived to our destination: Matamoros. A bit tricky but we made it!

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This story is based on the following video: