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The Matricula Consular is an official document issued by the Mexican government at consulates to people who request it and live abroad.


This document :

  • Proof of the nationality, identity and domicile of the holder abroad.
  • It is valid for five years.
  • Every Mexican has the right to be registered by the consulate that corresponds to his domicile.
  • It is independent of your immigration status in the country where you are.
  • it does not verify or replace the foreign document of legal stay in a country.
  • It can be renewed.

The Matricula Consular has the advantage of being accepted by a large number of private and official institutions as an identity document, as proof of nationality, and as proof of address.


Requirements for the Matricula Consular process

For adults:

  • Certified copy of your birth certificate, certificate or declaration of Mexican nationality or also letter of naturalization.
  • Official photo identification: passport, national military service identity card, voting credential, resident card of the United States of America, etc.
  • Proof of address: hospital bills, telephone bill, electricity, gas, water, taxes, among others. Vouchers with P.O. Box.
  • Make the payment of the rights in accordance with the Federal Law of Rights in force, which is updated on the 1st. every year.

For minors:

Parents, guardians or those who have parental authority and guardianship must fill out the authorization form and present the following documentation in original:

  • Prove the minor’s Mexican nationality. Consent form granted by the Mexican consulate or the SRE Delegation in the national territory. Parents or those who exercise parental authority must fill out and sign the form.
  • In the event that the father or mother is in a city other than the one where the minor is, go to the consulate or the SRE office in the city where he resides.
  • Official photo IDs of the father and mother, whose names are the same as on the minor’s birth certificate.
  • If your consular registration was lost or stolen, you must attach a record of the complaint issued by the local police or a loss certificate issued by the consular office stating if it was stolen or lost.


Theft or Loss of the Matrícula Consular

The interested party must present a certificate from the competent authority that certifies the fact. For consular protection reasons, the certificate may be drawn up at the consular office.

For more information

For more details and information, visit the official website Matricula Consular.

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