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Americans driving to Mexico for a vacation must be dutiful with laws relating to Mexican car insurance. Generally, car insurance for a foreign visitor while in Mexico is a temporary policy. American auto insurance in Mexico is rescinded, even if you’re 50 miles past the border (or for a few hours in border states).


Many American visitors misjudge driving to Mexico without car insurance as if it’s non-essential. Mexico and the United States don’t have mutual car insurance plans that are certified by each country. So not having Mexican car insurance is a very troublesome.


Possible prosecution


Many American citizens trivialize acknowledging the Mexico’s auto insurance laws. The Mexican judicial system regards car accidents as possible criminal infringement despite a law has not been violated. Regardless of the extent of damage of a car accident, a criminal inquiry is done, even if you’re engaged in a small accident. If you’re without Mexican auto insurance penalties can be incarceration and damages, or both.


Now that you’re familiar with the repercussions of being in a car accident in Mexico uninsured. Act! Also, if there isn’t vehicle damage or you’re stopped by a police officer in Mexico, penalties and incarceration are effective when you’re uninsured. Car insurance while in Mexico is inexpensive and easy to buy.


What to know about buying


Essentially, there are two choices for purchasing Mexican insurance for a vehicle. An online check and buying a plan preceding your vacation date. You’ll have more time to dereference policies and prices. There are many Mexican insurance companies that sell affordable short-term auto insurance policies online.


If you can’t buy an insurance policy beforehand then across the border are many car insurance companies. The Mexican car insurance industry is very close to the Mexican and American border, which are recognized as ‘drive in’ companies offering that do have ‘low-cost’ auto insurance for American visitors.


However, the drawback about buying from a border town insurance agencies is there are agencies that have inflated policies. If you do purchase from one then assure you obtain a copy of your plan in English. Because it may be the only confirmation of purchase that commensurates with basic auto insurance in Mexico. Furthermore, if you were sold a fraudulent plan then you’ll have proof to give to Mexican officials to verify.


Don’t infer that your American auto insurance policy is applicable in Mexico. It’s invalid!