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Is hard to obtain a Mexican car insurance policy?

Your insurance policy in 5 minutes as part of MXGA Inc., is the most reliable and friendly website to buy your Mexican auto insurance to cross the border. BBB (Better Business Bureau) and more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry back us up to offer the best car insurance when traveling between borders.

1. QUOTE offers a real-time quote system so you can compare prices and choose the best auto insurance according to your needs.

Type the information in the quote window located in the upper right of our Home page.

a. Type of Vehicle, The one you are driving to cross the border. Please indicate if you bring towed units

b. Vehicle Value, An estimate of your vehicle cost. if you don't have it, please look up for Kelley Blue Book or NADA

c. Effective and Expiration date- The dates of your insurance validity form the first day when you cross the border until the last day when you return.

d. Promo Code- If you received a promo code or promotion, please type de code, otherwise leave it blank and continue.


2. BUY will display a list of quotes with different insurance companies and coverages, so you can select your best option.

a. Select the third party liability and medical payments coverage.

b. Costs are displayed in 'number of days' that you need and the 'annual coverage' if you are a frequent traveler and you want to save money.

c. The different coverages will be displayed under each insurance company, so you can choose the right one for you.

d. Click on 'Buy Now', on the cost of your preference and continue


At this point you may register the vehicle's information to complete the process:

a. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), A 17 digit number located in your registration card to identifies your vehicle. When you type this number, the year, make, and model will appear automatically.

b. Type the owner's information and CONTINUE.

c. The insurance policy will be displayed with the detailed information and fees; if you agree click CONTINUE.

d. Type your personal information to create an account and continue to the payment options. You may or may not type a password. CONTINUE.


4. PAY
We accept all credit and debit cards, and PayPal.
Type your card or payment information and proceed to checkout. This information will NOT be saved for safety reasons.

Once you checked out, you can print your policy from your computer. We recommend you to print an extra copy (keep one in the car and one with you).

For more information visit our article:


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