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Temporary Vehicle Import Permit Example

This page shows you an example of a Banjercito Temporary Vehicle Import Permit. This permit needs to be processed when you want to travel to Mexico in a car with license plates from another country.


Information included in the Temporary Vehicle Import Permit

This permit contains information such as:

  • Expedition Module
  • Entry Customs
  • Owner’s data
  • Vehicle data
  • Trailer Data
  • Towed Vehicles
  • Validity Dates


“Document valid in the United Mexican States”



1. VEHICLES: Persons authorized to drive Vehicles imported by Mexicans residing abroad: The importer, his spouse, parents, children or siblings as long as they are permanent residents abroad, by a foreigner with visitor status, resident temporary and temporary resident student or by any person other than those authorized, provided that the person who imported the vehicle travels on board. (Validity of the permit: for 180 calendar days of effective stay in the country, computable from the effective date of the temporary import permit and usable in a period of twelve months, considering multiple entries and exits). Vehicles imported by foreigners: The importer, their spouse, parents, children or siblings, even when they are not foreigners, by a foreigner with the condition of visiting, temporary resident and student temporary resident or by any person, provided that travel on board the vehicle any of the persons authorized to drive said vehicle. (Validity of the permit: for the duration of your stay as a visitor, temporary resident and student temporary resident, including its renewals).

2. RETURN OF VEHICLES: Temporarily imported vehicles can register their return abroad at any of Banjercito’s CIITEV modules located at the country’s exit customs, regardless of where they entered the national territory.

3. IMPORTANT: Vehicles imported temporarily may not be sold or given away in the national territory and must be returned abroad within the period authorized for their temporary importation. PROMISE OF RETURN “I am aware that, in case of violating provisions of Mexican law, I will have economic sanctions, loss of the vehicle and even deprivation of liberty.” In accordance with the Customs Law, its Regulations and the General Rules of Foreign Trade in force, I declare under oath to tell the truth, that I promise to return abroad the vehicle described on the front of this document within the authorized term and not to carry out acts or omissions due to improper use or destination thereof. Lastly, I declare under oath to tell the truth, that the data stated on the front of this permit coincide with those established in the documents presented by the undersigned.


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