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To ensure that Banjercito returns your Security Deposit that you paid when processing the temporary import permit for your vehicle, you must register your departure from Mexico through the cancellation of the import permit, either partially or permanently before the expiration date of your permit.

If you carry out the cancellation process before the maximum return date specified in your permit, the guarantee deposit that you paid will be returned in all applicable cases below.

Cancellation Temporary Vehicle Import Permit

Situations and Actions in the Cancellation Temporary Vehicle Import Permit


I made the Partial Return of my Import Permit

  • You can definitely cancel your permit at any Banjercito office on the border

  • If you cannot go to register your definitive return, after the expiration date of your permit in the next quarterly cutoff, your status will automatically be changed and the deposit will be returned.

  • If you pay the security deposit in cash, you can request a refund when required at any Banjercito office at the border.


I am in the USA and I did not register the cancellation of my permit, in breach of the R.G.C.E. 4.2.7 penultimate paragraph.

  • You can cancel your permit at any Banjercito office on the border.

  • Cancel your Permit through Customs without the physical presentation of your vehicle, consulting the requirements of the User Manual, section VIII cancellation in:!/temporal!/temporal

  • If your maximum return date has already expired and you do not register your return, your security deposit has already been transferred to the Federation Treasury. Your deposit cannot be recovered.


I am in Mexico and my permit is about to expire


I processed my permit but never used it.

If the validity date of your permit has not started, you can withdraw through the following options:

  • Request an appointment at our contact number to go to the Banjercito office at your nearest consulate.

  • You can cancel your permit at any Banjercito office on the border.

f the validity of your permit has already started, you can make the partial or definitive cancellation of it at any Banjercito office on the border.

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