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Vehicle Verification is a program in Mexico whose purpose is to reduce polluting emissions from vehicles in cities with high rates of environmental pollution. Through the program, emissions inspections (specifically of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide) of motor vehicles are carried out to ensure that these are within the allowed parameters. There is also another program called Hoy No Circula that limits the circulation of vehicles in order to reduce and control levels of environmental pollution. These programs have been implemented for several years in various states of Mexico, so it is important to know them if you travel to Mexico by car and plan a long stay


Guadalajara, Jalisco

Verificación Responsable.

As of August 1, 2021, Responsible Verification is mandatory for all cars that circulate in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, except hybrids and electric. Private vehicles have to be tested once a year and heavy-duty vehicles twice a year. Check the Official Calendar based on the completion of the license plate to know when you should perform the verification of your car

What if my vehicle has out-of-state or foreign plates?

If your vehicle has foreign plates and you will be visiting, on vacation, come to carry out a procedure or simply cross through Jalisco to reach another destination, as of August 1, it will be necessary to request the Temporary Stay Pass.

  • Is free
  • Get it online fast and easy
  • It is valid for 20 calendar days per semester, you can process two passes a year. These days can be managed at the user’s convenience

This requirement does not restrict entry or transit through Jalisco, it is an official document that indicates that you are visiting, so you are not required to carry out a vehicle check.

If you drive for more than 40 days a year or reside in Jalisco, your car is considered permanent and must carry out its Responsible Verification.

When the sanctions start ?

As of October 1, 2021, inspection operations will begin on the streets to ensure that the vehicles required by license plate completion comply with their obligation to verify. Verification is mandatory, however, during 2021 there will be no financial penalties. These will begin to apply from 2022 depending on the type of vehicle.

Mexico City and State of Mexico

 Program Hoy No Circula.

The Hoy No Circula program in Mexico City limits the circulation of foreign and foreign vehicles in order to reduce and control the levels of environmental pollution in the 16 municipalities of Mexico City and the 18 municipalities of the State of Mexico.

Foreign and foreign vehicles that do not have a Tourist Pass must limit their circulation based on the following criteria.

  • One weekday from Monday to Friday from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. (according to the completion of your plate) Check the Calendar Hoy No Circula.
  • Saturdays from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

How the Hoy No Circula program can exempt foreign and foreign vehicles?

The Tourist Pass or The Paisano Tourist Pass offered by the government of Mexico City and the State of Mexico must be processed free of charge to allow unrestricted circulation during the established periods.

This permit is granted to vehicles for private use, no more than 15 years old and that have the authorization or permission of the corresponding authorities for their legal stay in Mexico.

This Tourist Pass can be obtained once per semester with a validity of 14 days; Or, twice a semester with a validity of 7 days each.

The Paisano Tourist Pass will only be granted to FOREIGN vehicles registered in the United States and Canada for private use, gasoline, not older than fifteen years old and that have the authorization or permission of the corresponding Authorities for the legal permanence of their unit in the Mexican Republic in the periods that are scheduled in this regard.

If the data of the vehicle, referring to the model year, plate and State of origin reflected in the Tourist Pass, do not coincide with the data of the Vehicle Circulation Card, IT WILL NOT BE VALID, so the vehicle will be sanctioned with a fine. Vehicle Verification in Mexico

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