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Border Crossings Texas-Nuevo León


Here you will find all the border crossings between the state of Texas, United States and the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. Click on the link for each crossing to access detailed information. You can also click on the map of each crossing to view the details.


Border Crossings Texas-Nuevo Leon

Laredo Colombia, Puente Internacional Colombia

The crossing is located on the Colombia International Bridge between Laredo, Texas in the United States and Colombia, Nuevo León in Mexico. On the American side, it connects withSH 255 and the Nuevo León State Highway (Spur 1). This Border Crossing Laredo Colombia is the only one in the state of Nuevo León. It was built in 1991 for the purpose of reducing traffic on the bridges of downtown Laredo

El Puente Internacional Colombia is also known as “Puente Internacional de Solidaridad Laredo-Colombia”, “Solidaridad bridge”, “Colombia bridge” and “Laredo International Bridge 3”. It is for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. The bridge is operated by the city of Laredo and Mexico’s Federal Ministry of Communications and Transportation.


Other Border Crossings