Border Crossing Tecate

San Diego / Baja California



(American side)

Mapa del Cruce Fronterizo Baja California

Garita Tecate

(Mexican side)


Banjercito Tecate

Border Crossing Tecate

San Diego / Baja California

This crossing is one of the three existing crossings between San Diego and Tijuana in the metropolitan area. It connects California State Route 188 with the Lazaro Cardenas Pass in Mexico, a spur in Mexico of Federal Highway 2, as well as Federal Highway 3 to the south. This crossing is smaller than that of San Ysidro and Mesa de Otay.


CUS Customs and Border Protection – Tecate Port of Entry

(American side) San Diego, California

Border Crossing Tecate Map

Control de Aduanas Tecate. 

( Mexican side) Tecate, Baja California

Border Crossing Tecate Map

Banjercito Border Office near Tecate 

Oficina Banjercito

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