Border Crossing San Ysidro / El Chaparral


San Ysidro

( american side)

Mapa del Cruce Fronterizo Baja California

El Chaparral

(mexican side)


Banjercito San Ysidro

Border Crossing San Ysidro / El Chaparral

This crossing is the largest of the three existing land crossings between San Diego and Tijuana.. It is also known as the San Ysidro and San Ysidro LPOE Port of Entry. It connects Interstate 5 on the American side with Federal Highway Mexico 1 on the Mexican side. The southbound lanes of Interstate 5 lead to Mexico’s entrance, El Chaparral, which has a vehicle and passenger inspection. Here, the United States can conduct brief inspections to the south, and Mexican inspections can be more complete and thorough.


US Customs and Border Protection. San Ysidro Port of Entry 

( American side) San Diego, California

Border Crossing Map

Tijuana Customs – Garita El Chaparral. 

( mexican side) Tijuana, Baja California

San Ysidro  Border Crossing Map

Banjercito Border Office near San Ysidro / El Chaparral

Banjercito Office

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