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Cruce Fronterizo Antelope Wells
Falcón Dam

(American side)

Cruce Fronterizo Antelope Wells
Nueva Ciudad Guerrero

( Mexican side)


Banjercito Nueva Ciudad Guerrero

Border Crossing Falcon Dam / Nueva Ciudad Guerrero

This crossing is located between the city Falcón Height, Texas in the United States an Ciudad Nueva Guerrero, Tamaulipas in Mexico. On the American side, it connects wit FM SPUR 2098 and Av. Blas de la Garza Falcón on the Mexican side. At this Falcon Dam port, commercial trucks cannot use this crossing.


US Customs Service. Falcón Dam 

( American side) Del Rio, Texas

Border Crossing Falcon Dam Map

Aduana Nueva Ciudad Guerrero

( Mexican side) Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas

Border Crossing Falcon Dam Map

Banjercito Border Office near Falcón Dam / Nueva Ciudad Guerrero

This Banjercito office is located in the Customs (Garita) of this crossing.
Oficina Banjercito

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