Border Crossing Calexico West / Mexicali I


Calexico West

( American side)

Mapa del Cruce Fronterizo Baja California

Mexicali I

( Mexican side)


Banjercito Mexicali I

Border Crossing  Calexico West / Mexicali I

This crossing is one of the two existing crossings between the Imperial Valley  of the California area and Mexicali. It connects California State Route 111 with Mexican Federal Highway 5 in Mexicali. It is located in the business center of the Calexico – Mexicali metropolitan area. It was known as the “Calexico Crossing or Downtown Crossing”.


Calexico West Port of Entry

( Americano side) Calexico, California

Border Crossing Calexico West Map

Puerto Fronterizo Mexicali I. 

( Mexican side) Mexicali, Baja California

Border Crossing Calexico West Map

Banjercito Border Office near Calexico West / Mexicali I

Banjercito Office

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