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About Us


BestMex is a website backed up by MXGA Inc., a succesful company founded in 1990, with more than twenty years of experience in the insurance field; specialized in international insurance and bonding intermediary services focusing on the Mexican-American markets.

In BestMex we focus our efforts to offer the best auto insurance when you travel between borders (Mexico and USA/Canada); we offer the lowest price available, the fastest and most reliable claim service, and the best coverage through the most prestigious insurers in the market; Get a real-time quote, buy and print your policy in less than five minutes from your computer.

MXGA is privileged to have as clients numerous U.S. Fortune 1000 companies that do business in Mexico. Many of our primary clients found us through their U.S. or Canadian retail insurance broker.

- Commercial Contracting 16 Years W/MXGA
- Marmon Group16 Years W/MXGA
- Greyhound Lines, Inc. 15 Years W/MXGA
- Chichester Limited Navigator 12 Years W/MXGA
- Marmon Keystone de México 12 Years W/MXGA
- Ecodyneuet de Mexico 11 Years W/MXGA
- Utlx Carrotanques Servicios 10 Years W/MXGA
- Mercer Transportation 9 Years W/MXGA
- Bana Box 7 Years W/MXGA
- The Boler Company / Hendrickson 7 Years W/MXGA
- Circuit Works Corporation 6 Years W/MXGA
- M3 Resources 5 YearsW/MXGA
- KBR-Mantenimiento Marino de México 5 Years W/MXGA
- TSE Brakes 4 Years W/MXGA
- Andrews Logistics, Inc.4 Years W/MXGA
- Xtreme Coil Drilling 3 Years W/MXGA
- Wistron Infocomm 3 Years W/MXGA
- Nabors 3 Years W/MXGA


To provide our customers with the best service offering the most reliable cross border auto insurance between U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The lowest price available on a real-time basis, the best claim service and coverage, on a user-friendly website.


Agent licenses in USA: 7201 y 7200
Agent license in Mexico: M177805


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