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Returning to US with Pets


Returning to US with Pets

When entering the United States, you may be required to have various documents depending on race, origin, destination, etc. The CDC requires that all dogs entering the United States (puppies, service animals, and emotional dogs) must appear healthy upon arrival. Depending on the country the dogs come from, they may need a valid rabies vaccination certificate documenting that they have been vaccinated to protect against rabies infection. Any document must be in English or have an English translation. For more information, visit the official page Bringing a dog into the United States.

If you return to the United States with dogs vaccinated by a US-licensed veterinarian, they can re-enter from a high-risk country without a CDC dog import permit as long as the dog meets the documents and requirements

Documents and Requirements

  1. Has a current and valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by the United States;
  2. Has ISO compliant microchip;
  3. Is at least 6 months old;
  4. He is healthy upon arrival

Expired rabies vaccination certificates issued in the United States will not be accepted. If the rabies vaccination certificate issued in the United States has expired, the dog must receive a booster dose outside the United States and meet the requirements for dogs vaccinated abroad.

Dogs vaccinated abroad from high-risk countries are now required to use the CDC’s Rabies Vaccination Record and Microchip as proof of rabies vaccination. Use of this registry is also recommended, but not required, for dogs vaccinated in the United States. Dogs entering the United States from high-risk countries must still meet all the requirements of the temporary suspension (see

Rabies, Screwworm and Foot and Mouth Disease

The United States has strict control for rabies, screwworm, and foot and mouth disease in dogs. Make sure you know if the country you come from is free of these diseases so that you can qualify when you enter the United States.


How do I know if my dog can enter the United States.

To find out if your dog qualifies to enter the United States, answer the questions listed on the official page Bringing a dog into the United States. These questions determine if your dog qualifies. Returning to US with Pets

Important Note

Before entering or re-entering the United States with a dog, importers should continue to check other federal regulations, as well as state and local government rabies vaccination requirements at their final destination. For more information on dogs that are prohibited from entering the United States from high-risk countries, visit the CDC webpage Frequently Asked Questions About CDC’s Canine Rabies Suspension of Dogs from High-Risk Countries” .



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