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Heroes Paisanos Program

A Program of the National Immigration Institute

The Heroes Paisanos Program was created to guarantee respect for the rights and security of the property of all Mexicans who reside abroad and visit our beloved Mexico. Through preventive strategies and actions, the program ensures that the entry, transit and exit of our nationals through Mexican territory is with an absolute guarantee of their rights, the security of their assets and full knowledge of their obligations.

Heroes Paisanos Guide

The Heroes Paisanos Guide is a document that contains information on various topics and is of great help when visiting Mexico. Some of the information contained refers to topics such as:

  • Before coming to Mexico
  • How to obtain documents from the United States that prove your Mexican nationality.
  • Other procedures that you can consult at the consulate
  • Rights of our nationals (in case of being detained in the US)
  • Temporary Import Permit
  • When you enter Mexico (Tax Excess)
  • When you enter Mexico (Products)
  • Can I drive to Mexico with my pets?
  • To enter Mexico with money
  • During your stay in Mexico
  • During your transit through the roads of Mexico
  • Programs and services in Mexico
  • When you leave Mexico
  • Definitive Return to Mexico
  • Household goods
  • You decided to live in Mexico
  • Complaints Additional information for your trip
  • Directories


Web Site of the Programa Heroes Paisanos

Visit the page of the Heroes Paisanos Program to consult or download the complete guide before making your trip. 

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