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Dual Nationality in Mexico


Dual Nationality in Mexico

If you were born in Mexico and before March 20, 1998 you obtained US nationality, now you can regain Mexican nationality. Learn about the requirements on the website:

If you were born in the United States (USA) and your mother and/or father are Mexican, you are also Mexican.


By obtaining Mexican nationality you do not lose your American nationality, even if you were born outside of Mexico. For example, if you were born in the United States of America (USA) you can obtain Mexican nationality by being a descendant of a father or mother of Mexican nationality without losing your US nationality. Visit the Mexican consulate closest to your home to register and process your Mexican nationality. You can review the directory on the following page:

Who has the right to Mexican Nationality?

  • People born in Mexico and who have a birth certificate issued in a civil registry office in Mexican territory or in a Mexican consular office.
  • Persons born abroad, descendants of a father and/or mother who hold(s) Mexican nationality.
  • Persons born abroad, descendants of a father and/or mother who were naturalized as Mexicans before their birth.
  • Persons born aboard Mexican vessels or aircraft, whether military or commercial.
  • Persons of Mexican nationality who obtained another nationality after March 20, 1998 or who have a “Declaration of Mexican Nationality” for having obtained another nationality before that date.
  • Foreigners who obtain a naturalization letter from the Ministry of Relations.


The process of Dual Nationality for your sons or daughters, you can do it abroad or in Mexico.

Dual Nationality in Mexico

In United States

To register a person who was born outside of Mexico as a Mexican, and who is the daughter or son of a father or mother of Mexican nationality, go to the Mexican consulate closest to your home, by appointment. Schedule your appointment by contacting your consulate, check the details of your nearest consulate in the following link:

The requirements are:

  • The person to be registered must appear and if it is a minor, they must be accompanied by their father(s), mother(s) or the person or persons exercising parental authority (they must present the power of attorney with a single clause or, the judge’s sentence).
  •  Proof of Mexican nationality of the mother, father or both, such as birth certificate, naturalization letter, declaration of Mexican nationality, current Mexican passport or high security consular registration (current.
  • Certified copy of the local birth certificate of the person to be registered. If the document is in a language other than Spanish or English, it must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish. If this document was issued in a country other than where the consular office is located, it must be presented legalized or apostilled, as the case may be.
  • Prove the affiliation of the fathers or mothers with the minor to be registered.
  • Present two people over 18 years of age, who will act as witnesses of the registry (if you do not have them, indicate it to the consular office at the time of making your appointment).
  • Submit recent and valid identification with signatures (the signature must coincide with the one that will appear in the record) of all the people involved in the registry, including the person to be registered.

In Mexico

The procedure that you must carry out to obtain the dual nationality of your sons or daughters is called “Registration of acts of the civil registry of Mexicans carried out abroad” and can be carried out in the civil registry that corresponds to your domicile in national territory.


For doubts or clarifications:

    • Telephone service: 55 91 79 67 00 ó 55 91 79 66 91
    • Via chat, entering:
    • Vía email:
    • Vía twitter: @RCivilCDMX

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