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Important tips to consider for your Mexican car insurance

How much liability insurance I need in my trip to Mexico?

The liability limits required in Mexico may differ by state. Also, some states may allow the judge to set the damages in a case, depending on the circumstances. Comparing cases in Mexico and USA, we can conclude than in general Mexican liability limits are usually lower than those required in the USA. We recommend that you buy a minimum liability of $50,000. If you have creditors for you vehicle debt, you should consult your creditors about which coverages and limits you should buy for your  Mexican auto policy.

How do I get insurance on my rental car?

Some rental companies will let you take a car from USA into Mexico. Check with your car rental company of choice.
Remember to get your policy online with instead of buying an expensive auto insurance with the rental car company.

What if I need additional days of insurance?

You can simply login to the website and from 'My Account' section, purchase a policy for the additional number of days you need. If you need asistance please call our TOLL FREE NUMBER: 888.734.8760

Do I need to insure the trailer, boat, or another vehicle towed with my main insured vehicle?

You can choose to insure other vehicles or additional units you are pulling or towing with your  vehicle to be covered by insurance. gives you the option to insure on the same policy other vehicles that are towed in case you plan to drive them, or additional units while being towed/carried by the main vehicle. 

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