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Why do I need a Mexican auto insurance policy?

Why do I need a Mexican auto insurance policy every time I travel to Mexico by car? 
Mexican Federal law states that auto insurance coverage within the Republic of Mexico must be issued by a Mexican insurance company which is licensed under the laws of the Mexican Federal Republic. Second, if your vehicle is financed, you will need to have a letter of authorization from your USA/Canada finance company allowing you to take your financed vehicle into Mexico.  The USA/Canada finance company will not issue the letter of authorization unless you have proven to them that you have purchased auto insurance from a licensed Mexican insurance company.  

Is my USA/Canada auto insurance valid for my trip to Mexico?
No, your USA/Canada auto insurance company is licensed to sell auto insurance to cover vehicles that are inside USA/Canada territory only.

Should I buy the insurance at the border or in Mexico?
We don't recommend you buy auto insurance at the border or once you are inside Mexico. You don't want to lose time searching for Mexican auto insurance when you can buy it in less than five minutes online.   The cost is also very likely higher if you purchase the Mexican auto insurance from an agent at the border.

Are the Mexican auto insurance companies financially solid?
All of the Mexican insurance companies we represent have excellent or superior ratings that Standards & Poor’s and A.M Best Company have assigned to them or their parent companies around the world. In our webpage, in the quote section, you have the option to click on a link to see the most recent financial ratings for each company. The largest and most prestigious Mexican insurance companies that we represent are: 

Mapfre Tepeyac
Grupo Nacional Provincial

How much does Mexican insurance cost?
The cost is calculated taking into consideration factors such as the number of days of coverage, value of vehicle, type of vehicle, your deductible and other details.  These factors can differ by Mexican insurance company. However, remember that depending on the duration of your trip into Mexico, it may cost you less to buy a six months policy or an annual policy instead of a policy priced on a certain number of days. In any case will offer you real-time quotes for a daily, six month and annual policy..

Note: BestMex doesn’t ask for any ID to prove that the insured driver is 21 years old, however, by requesting a quote, the insured driver declares that he/she is 21 years old. If the driver is younger than 21 years he/she will have to contact Bestmex at 888.734.8760 to request a policy.

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