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How can I where to obtain a Temporary Import Vehicle Permit from Banjercito?

If you are planning to travel to Mexico beyond the 'Border Zone' (The border zone is considered 13 miles to the south into Mexico, including the states of Baja California, Quintana Roo, and some areas in Sonora). Mexican authorities will request a Mexico Temporary Import Vehicle Permit for American or Canadian vehicles. This permit is issued only by Banjercito. You may get this permit in Banjercito's offices located in the border stations, some consulates, but we strongly recommend to get it online through Banjercito's website.

Then website will show you all the details and updated information (costs and requirements) you need for your permit, so you can enjoy a safe trip to Mexico.



The state of Sonora operates a program known as "Sonora Only" for visitors who stay only in the state of Sonora. The "Sonora Only" permit requires less documentation than the standard 'Mainland Mexico Vehicle Permit', and the 'Sonora Only' permit is free. If you plan to travel in mainland Mexico outside of the state of Sonora, you will need to get the standard Mexico Temporary Import Vehicle Permit.

The Sonora Free Zone program for vehicles has expanded!  This means that those who plan to travel with vehicles in the state of Sonora north of Empalme/Guaymas no longer have to register and obtain a vehicle permit.  If you plan to travel to the San Carlos-Guaymas area and no further into Mexico, this option applies. This also applies to trailers, boats, etc.

It is very important that you bring all your personal documents and your vehicle registration before traveling to Mexico. We recommend you to visit the following sites to get all the basic information such as: Permits, authorized drivers, return vehicle comittment, etc.

Tips to travel in Mexico and emergency contacts published by U.S. Department of State: Click here

For more information visit our article:

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