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Mexican Auto Insurance for US vehicles

American / Canadian license vehicles traveling to Mexico (southbound)

When you travel to Mexico with an American or Canadian licensed vehicle, you will need a Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border (American or Canadian auto insurances are not valid in Mexico).

This auto insurance must be provided by a Mexican insurer.

American Auto insurance for Mexican vehicles traveling USA/Canada click here

Why do I need Mexican car Insurance?

Mexican law states that your auto insurance coverage must be from a Mexican insurance company. When you travel across the border with your vehicle, you subject yourself to the traffic laws of the neighbor country.

How much does Mexican
auto insurance cost?

Pricing depends on the insurance company and the coverage of your selection. offers the most accessible prices for your Mexican car insurance. Just go to our quote center (upper right of this page), type your car info, and in less than five minutes you can buy and print your policy, in an easy and reliable way.