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Who is BestMex?
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Who is BestMex?
Why BestMex?
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Temporary Import for Vehicles
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USA/Canadian licensed vehicle(s)
while in Mexico

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Mexican licensed vehicle(s) while in USA/Canada
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Mexican Auto Insurance

Temporary Import Permits for Vehicles Entering Mexico
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Policy Sample
Policy Sample

Here you can see a sample of: policy, coverage, privacy policy, refund policy, cancellation policy and the options for the management of your insurance policy.

Before You Drive to Mexico

See important information for your trip.
Important resources and information for your trip
Travel Tips and Insurance Information.

News from Mexico and the United States

Do not forget when coming back from your trip from Mexico, you must CANCEL your VEHICLES permit at the border.

Information related to the laws regarding the passports.
BestMex is backed up by the long experience (since 1990) of MXGA Inc. who has represented many of its customers for more than 18 years. You can see here the list of said customers such as Greyhound, Emerson, etc. Are our competitors able to provide you with a similar listing including how many years they have been providing Mexican auto insurance?

BestMex focuses on the auto insurance you require when you travel between Mexico and the USA/Canada (Mexican auto insurance for American vehicles); it offers affordable prices and services through the best insurers in the market by visiting only one place in the World Wide Web! BestMex is a Mexican insurance provider that offers a wide variety of companies, several with international support.
The best options for you in the same website! gives you the best available Mexico auto insurance options at your fingertips and you can easily manage your policies, payment, quotations, changes and cancellations. Click here to see the available options

SOUTHBOUND or Mexican Auto Insurance: USA/Canadian licensed vehicle(s) while in Mexico

When you drive to Mexico you must have Mexican Auto Insurance with a Mexican insurer. The insurance issued in the USA and/or Canada is not recognized by the authorities in Mexico.

Our goal is to help you with the purchase of the Mexican Auto Insurance that you require for your trip from US and Canada to Mexico providing affordable prices and reliable service to insure your vehicle with several types of coverage as: Collision, Total Theft, Third Party Liability, Medical Expenses to occupants of the vehicle, Legal Assistance and Roadside Assistance such as towing and some other services…

* Important Note: If you plan to drive to Mexico farther than the border zones, the Mexican customs will require a temporary vehicle importation. This permit can be obtained before "Banjercito" at the border modules, at modules located in the consulates if they have "Banjercito" or at Banjercito via Internet. Click here to see the requirements to get the temporary vehicle importation published by Banjercito.

NORTHBOUND: Mexican licensed vehicle(s) while in USA/Canada

When you drive into the USA or Canada you must have auto insurance with an insurance company recognized in the USA (American Auto Insurance and Canadian Auto Insurance for Mexican vehicles). On this page you can also and easily quote, buy and print the automobile insurance covering Third Party Liability and Medical expenses in the USA/Canada.

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